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To provide the highest level of service to its clients, WSMLEGAL is guided by three fundamental principles: 1) understand its clients’ goals; 2) provide intelligent and creative advice to achieve those goals; and 3) respond quickly and efficiently to its clients. With those guiding principles, clients can expect success and a process they can trust.


WSMLEGAL approaches all litigation with one objective – to achieve its clients’ goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said, there is a recognition that there is no formula or one-size-fits-all playbook to litigation. Every case is different, every client is weighing different factors, and every opposing party will react to various actions differently. The unique strength of WSMLEGAL is the depth of experience to recognize those differences and to use that recognition to its clients’ advantage.


Successfully navigating a bankruptcy, whether as a creditor or debtor, requires a command of the applicable laws to form a customized strategy, as well as the ability to implement that strategy. While most firms approach bankruptcy as a transactional practice, WSMLEGAL approaches it as both a transactional and litigation practice. With that approach, clients are able to implement their strategies by utilizing a larger arsenal of tools to either collect money owed or to reorganize debts.


WSMLEGAL advises both government entities responding to public records requests and individuals requesting records. With that unique experience and perspective, WSMLEGAL is able to advise and guide its clients in a manner that ensures the smoothest and most efficient process and successful results.

Public Records

Tennessee nonprofit laws are a complex minefield. With severe consequences for failure to comply, including entity, board member, and officer liability, vigilant compliance is a must. With experience both working for the State in nonprofit investigations and for nonprofits with compliance issues, WSMLEGAL can safely guide clients through the minefield.

Nonprofit Organizations